It’s that time of year once again when the dark winter season nights are drawing in around Fleet in Hampshire.

Sadly robbers are out in force again this year and once again Fleet Glaziers have found double glazed systems are being targeted to gain entry to homes.

Among our latest call outs was to a house in Fleet. Our clients remained in bed, when they heard extremely loud banging. At first, they thought it was fireworks outside. Due to the events this time of year with Halloween and Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Night.

On this occasion the 6.4 laminated safety glass (just like a car windshield) was proving really difficult and impossible for the robbers to break. If laminated safety glass was NOT installed within the existing window frames. The property owners would have come face to face with 2 burglars within their home. An extremely frightening experience for anybody to have to handle, specifically a couple with a young kid or senior surviving on their own.

Fleet Glaziers advise that all ground floor windows and doors are updated from strengthened safety glass to laminated safety glass.

The glass specifications have 2 pieces of 3mm glass, bonded together with a 0.4 mm interlayer. Making the glass significantly more difficult to break through, as when broken, the glass remains bonded together by the centre interlayer.


Upgrade your ground floor doors and windows today with our cost effective glass replacement services. The glass can make all the difference.

Remember, Fleet Glaziers only change the panes, never ever the frames, no requirement for pricey frame replacements. Your house might already have security laminated glass inside the existing frames.

For all your Glazing needs, contact your Local Emergency Glaziers in Fleet.

Improving Your Front Door Security

Falling victim to a break in can be a traumatic experience for anyone, even after the ordeal is over the trauma is long felt afterwards. We’ve put together a number of tips to help prevent this from happening by improving your front door security.

Upgrading your Lock

Although it seems obvious it is a point that is often overlooked by most people. Make sure your locks are not old, low quality or vulnerable is one way you can improve your front door security. Ensuring you have British Standard 3621 locks installed not only guarantees you have a high-quality lock on your front door, but it also means that it will be insurance approved. Millions of properties in the UK have locks installed on their property that do not conform to BS3621, if you were to have a break in with a lock like this in place, it is quite possible that your insurance company will not pay out for any damage or any goods that have been stolen.

Checking the door strength and your door frame strength

Wooden doors are particularly susceptible to being kicked open by burglars, so even if you have an expensive high security lock, it’s useless if the door frame is also not secure. It is possible to have your wooden door reinforced by inserting a strike plate made from metal which is then attached with long screws that are then drilled into the studs. Strike plates are available from most hardware shops or you can get them on the internet. 

Making sure the door frame is securely screwed down can also improve the security of your front door. Hinge bolts can also be used, these are specifically designed to stop someone from forcing the door off its hinges.

Install a deadbolt to your Wooden Door

Having a deadbolt installed to your front door will also drastically increase the security of the property. It’s important that your deadbolt extends deep into the door frame to ensure anyone that tries kicking it will not be able to kick it off. There are a vast range of deadbolts out there to choose from all with varying protection. If you are interested in inquiring about having a deadbolt installed please do not hesitate to contact Crawley Locksmiths for a FREE No Obligation quote.

Additional Measures

Even if you have taken all of the above steps to improve the security of your front door there are still other things that you are able to do. One such this is having a chain installed to your door, this provides additional protection when you and your family are in the house and when you are answering the door it helps stop potential burglars forcing their way in.

For all your home security needs, type in ‘Locksmith Near Me‘ in your Google search.